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Temperature Remote Monitoring for Vaccines Cold Room & Freezers

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Now you can reach the efficiency and automation for remote temperature monitoring inside of vaccines cold room, freezers, and refrigerators in real-time through our Kylos Air IoT Connect.


Temperature inspection is an important activity for ensuring a cold chain at any warehousing, retaining, or conservation process.

Now for the control cold chain in vaccines, the Pharmaceutical Lab, Logistics Operators, and Vaccines' Cold Room Manufacturers must ensure reaction protocol in front of any critical deviation temperature and energy failure. How to do that?

The common problem is the temperature measurement instruments currently used by the Cold Room, Freezers, or Refrigerators' Manufacturers. It doesn't transmit data in real-time, and it couldn't connect with other technology and third-party systems.

Considering a large volume of cold room, freezer, or refrigerators, manual inspection is a real challenge. Even if you keep your personnel on alert, the fatigue, physical effort, and human factor can influence the reading of inspection. How to get alerts in front of any deviation temperature in real-time?, How to obtain a status summary of predictable failures?


Kylos Air Connect IoT is an autonomous solution that enables the upgrade of your cold room, freezer, or refrigerator with the latest technology based on IoT, completely configurable in a remote way.

Kylos Air Connect IoT allows you to deliver an excellent operational experience to your end customers. Simultaneously, it empowers your customers for temperature monitoring in real-time of each cold room, freezer, refrigerator through a control center, web application, or mobile app in a centralized way, at any location.

Kylos Air Connect IoT is a plug-and-play device; It doesn't require any additional hardware or installation. It is built with a lithium rechargeable battery, operating for 300 continuous days without any recharge. Each Kylos Air Connect IoT can also record the temperature of 25 sensors BLE from our brand simultaneously in a radio of 100 meters.


Kylos Air Connect IoT is perfect for the remote control of temperature in real-time for:

1. Ensuring of vaccines cold chain

2. Food Cold Chain

  • Temperature monitoring of frozen foods in:

    • cold rooms

    • freezers

    • refrigerators

    • cold warehouses

3. Retail Cold Chain

  • Temperature monitoring of foods:

    • large refrigerators

    • aisle refrigerators

4. Logistics Operators

  • Temperature monitoring of cold chain at:

How does it work?

  • Remote Temperature Control

  • Temperature Sensor Range (-200ºC to +200ºC)

  • Operating humidity up to 100%

  • Cellular Communication 3G, 4G LTE

  • GPS Location

  • GLONASS Satellite

  • Long Life Battery up 240 to 300 days with our recharge

  • GSM

  • GPRS

  • SMS

  • TCP/IP

  • API Integration

  • Web Application

  • Control Center

  • Mobile App

Check Out More: Kylos Air Connect IoT and let us know your requirements.

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