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Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Control of the cold chain is a critical factor for administering the COVID 19's vaccination campaign. In health environments such as Clinics and Hospitals, the temperature control of vaccines is moderately controlled. However, the health agencies must prepare to set up vaccination points in open spaces such as Stadiums, Malls, Colleges, etc.

The Challenge

Authorities and Logistics Planners must prepare Health Organizations to manage the following challenges:

  1. How to transport massively and safely the COVID 19 Vaccines to the vaccination points without affecting the cold chain?

  2. How to ensure the cold chain without refrigeration at the vaccination points considering a daily vaccination campaign of 14 hours or more?

  3. How to get a complete state of COVID 19 vaccines in real-time, considering the outdoor exposure, location, temperature, humidity, thermal bag, or cooler?

  4. How to obtain a record and ensure COVID 19 vaccines' correct temperature for each dozes at the vaccination' field?

These challenges could affect the Covid 19 vaccination campaign's success if the Health Authorities don't have adequate logistics, distribution, and cold chain management. In our previous article, you can also explore the three critical factors for the Covid 19 vaccination campaign's success.

The Solution

We intend to help Health Authorities employ the "Internet of Things (IoT)" technology to obtain complete traceability of vaccines at the vaccination points. Kylos Air Connect IoT solution enables real-time tracking of each vaccine container (such as cooler, thermal bag, portable freezer, etc.). It gives the Health Authorities complete visibility of each vaccine supply. Also, geo-fences features are incorporated to know if a new vaccine container arrived at the vaccination point or returned to the health center or warehouse. Kylos enables APIs integration capabilities with 3rd parties systems, so Authorities can integrate our tracking info with their Inventory Management or ERP system or integrate all information in a General Situation Dashboard.

Our solution with Kylos Air Connect IoT is 100% independent of electrical energy and allows the monitoring of temperature in each portable cooler, thermal bag, or temporal freezer.

Kylos Air Connect IoT can also track the location and temperature of COVID 19 vaccines in real-time through the air, fluvial, and terrestrial transportation, identifying each transportation type with its features. Simultaneously, our devices identify the container type for vaccines (Cooler, thermal bag, freezer, etc.) at the transportation unit or vaccination's point.

In case of any deviation of temperature range, our system detects it automatically and sends a real-time notification to the persons authorized through email, SMS, or mobile apps.

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The Capabilities

Real-Time Remote Tracking of GPS Location, Temperature & Humidity

Kylos Air Connect IoT empower your Covid 19 logistics through:

  • Remote Temperature Control

  • Temperature Sensor Range (-200ºC to +200ºC)

  • Operating humidity up to 100%

  • Cellular Communication 3G, 4G LTE

  • LoRa WiFi connectivity (optional)

  • GPS Location

  • GLONASS Satellite

  • Light Sensor

  • Accelerometer

  • Barometer

  • Long Life Battery up to 300 days with our recharge

  • GSM

  • GPRS

  • SMS

  • TCP/IP

  • API Integration

The Architecture

Kylos Air Connect IoT enables a comprehensive architecture that incorporates all kinds of assets for remote monitoring with its features for traceability and identification.

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Architecture - Real-Time Communication with your assets


  • Temperature ranges

  • Humidity

Vaccines Container Types

  • Freezer

  • Thermal Bag

  • Portable Cooler

  • Refrigerator

  • Etc

Transportation Type

  • Air

  • Fluvial

  • Terrestrial

  • Train

GPS Location

  • Vaccines

  • Transportation

  • Vaccination Points

  • Warehouse

  • Clinics & Hospitals


  • Authentication

  • Profiles

  • Roles

  • Mobile Apps

  • Unlimited Access



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