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As you know, the vaccination process has started at the end of 2020 in some countries.

Three things need to be in place for success:

1. Vaccine supplies (cold storage, distribution, syringes, needles), 2. People to implement them (vaccinators, traceability, staff to document), and 3. People vaccinated. If there is a mismatch on the cold chain, failure is inevitable. Vaccine supplies will drive the pace of the COVID-19 campaign, so implementation needs to pay attention to these three keys factors.

Let's analyze how our solution contributes to each of these keys factors.

1. Vaccine supplies.

In all supply chain of vaccinations, the cold chain is a critical factor. For example. How to distribute vaccines in mass through transportation (Air, Truck Trailer, Shuttle Ferry, Train, Truck, or Vans) without affecting the cold chain?. Even more problematic, how to implement an efficient massively vaccination desk without affecting the cold chain.?

Our team has been working for ten years working on cold chain management for the healthcare, food, and manufacturing sector, offering real-time solutions for remote control of temperature, and traceability anywhere, at any time, around the world.

It would help if you had a clear summary map of the vaccine distribution in real-time, taking care of the risk factors in the cold chain and distribution points. Our Web-Platform and devices offer you real-time monitoring for immediate comprehension of your vaccines' distribution chain, detecting automatically any deviation range of temperature of COVID-19 vaccines.

2. People to implement.

Exemplary implementation requires the right personnel, medical, nurses, logistics coordinators, logistics providers, social communicators, call centers, etc. However, all resources need to see the same version of the logistics distribution of Covid-19 vaccines to plan and manage their time and human resources significantly. How do we do that? We offer a Web-platform, mobile Apps combined with our devices based on roles and profiles created for each project's needs. Also, control parameters are 100% configurable at the particular events required by the health entities. Our APIs integration enables Health Authorities to build a general dashboard combining traceability information with 3rd party inventory or ERP systems.

Any deviation in temperature range automatically triggers a notification alert on the platform, and it can see by the people involved or authorized through their roles and profiles. In this case, a freezer is out of the temperature range (-67ªC). The standard temperature range must be between -70ªC to -85ªC.

3. People vaccinated.

Traceability of vaccines in the proportion of people vaccinated and the percentage of population vaccinated into sectors or target areas, or target groups is another crucial factor. It is an essential factor that depends on the high rate of Health Authorities' strategy. How can we help? Our platform is a good starting point for the planning and execution phases, bringing complete visibility to the cold chain, logistics, and distribution of covid-19 vaccines. Authorities, collaborators, security, medical personnel, volunteers, and public officers can access the same information, considering the exact version of logistics operations and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines, at the level of interest segmented by each role, profile, and the project associated to their region, municipality or state.

Any people associated with the project are authorized and authenticated into our platform for enrolling in the system via mobile app (android or iOS). Unlimited users and downloads are available.

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