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PTV xRoute Server calculates routes, determines road distances and travel times, and calculates toll costs and emissions values. Vehicle profiles and routing behaviours can be configured as needed. Lorry routing takes truck attributes, driving times and rest periods into account.

PTV xROUTE SERVER (Tour Routing & Costs)

    • Calculate shortest or fastest route
    • Calculate isochrones
    • Customise vehicle profiles (speed, dimensions, vehicle class, weight, etc.) and pedestrian and bicycle routing
    • Via routing: routes are modified by selecting a "via point“. Example: the route passes through the Nuremberg transit route, not the city proper
    • Corridor search: search for next along a route (e.g.: “Which customers can a driver visit on a trip from Frankfurt to Munich if he detours up to 20 km from the direct route?“)
    • Combined transport: specific selection and inclusion of ferries and loading stations (piggyback) for route planning using waypoints. 
    • Bulk routing: simultaneous calculation of a large number of routes with the same parameters
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