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Advanced Industry Solutions based on Internet of Things, Big Data and Machine Learning

Field Force Advanced Planning

Field Force Planning
Field Force Planning, Workload distribution, Visit Sequence Optimization, Routes Automation, Real-Time Tracking, Field Force Management, Geographic and Demographic Data, Well-balanced Sales Territory, Distribution of visits through sales representatives, calculates route, Calculates schedules, take restrictions, CRM integration, Mobile App, Appointment Management, Customers Information, Simulation of scenarios, analytics. Field Sales Planning for Pharmaceutical
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Our solution for improving the sales  & services productivity optimizes your field force management at the push of a button – regardless of the size of your team or customer base. The software calculates the best route for each sales area or territory, and easily assign changes on your base of your team, taking into consideration a good balance load of work among the field force. The result: Your employees spend less time on the road and more time meeting with customers. And you are able to grow your customer base without increasing your headcount.

Territory Advanced Planning

Territory Planning
Demographic Analysis, Market Coverage Analysis, Territory Optimization, Territory Structure Optimization, Reduce Driving Times, Workload distribution, CRM integration, field force coordination, Employee utilization analysis, Territory Planning for Pharmaceutical

New customers, changed visit frequencies, additional sales representatives – the structure of your sales territories and field workforce is constantly changing. To ensure perfect coordination of your team, full coverage, and good service, you should regularly evaluate and optimize your sales territories. 


Sales Territory Mapping with PTV Map&Market

  • Analyze demographics and ensure optimal market coverage

  • Optimize territory structure to reduce driving times

  • Guarantee even workload distribution

  • Our field force management software provides you with extensive data – geographic, socio-economic and demographic – and enables you to thoroughly analyze the market conditions and the number of prospective customers. It helps you plan well-balanced sales territories and distribute customer visits evenly among all sales representatives. The software creates geographically compact areas to reduce travel times and distances, assigns sales territories and customers to field employees automatically and displays the results on structured and easily readable maps.

Market Geographic Analysis

Market Geographic Analysis

PTV Map&Market enables you to carry out geographical market analyses, display customer data on digital maps and thereby visualize regional connections. Identify your company's A, B and C customers, recognize high-turnover territories and untapped sales opportunities with just one glance at the map. Derive valuable insights for your marketing strategy and plan communicative measures.

  • Identify market potential

  • Analyze purchasing power data

  • Carry out market segmentation

  • Ensure coverage and accessibility

Geographic market analysis, display customer data on digital maps, visualize regional connection, Geo-marketing, high-turnover territories, untapped sales opportunities, Identify market potential, Analyze purchasing power data, Carry out market segmentation, Ensure coverage and accessibility, Geographic Analysis for Pharmaceutcal

Security, Protection, and Loss Prevention for cargo in motion and remote assets

Loss Prevention