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Route & Scheduling
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Service and Route planning and scheduling through a complex system of arrivals and departure from airlines, and on-demand services from the hospitality sector, casino sector, business sector,  service workers, entertainment personalities, is a hard activity for private transport planners. Now, owners of the private fleets can plan their scheduling based on the dynamic of planned events  (flight number, Traffic Information, Destination, Planned Event, etc),  doing the execution of passenger's collection service orders easier. Any change in the events schedule can be replanned on the system alerting in real-time drivers and passengers about any changes or incidents with the service.

Better results with PTV Route Optimizer,

  • Reduce significantly the cost of planning and the passenger's collection.

  • Save time and improves customer services.

  • Ease scheduling workload to manage employee holiday replacements or to staff vacant positions, fewer errors occur and you obtain better results.

  • Plans are compliant taking into consideration periods of rest time, social obligations, statutory provision, customer restriction, vehicle, and vial restrictions.

  • All elements are considered for cost calculation such as toll, emissions, mileage, transport and vehicle costs.

Route Planning and Scheduling for Private Transportation

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PTV Route Optimizer allows you:

  • Save transport and operational cost.

  • Increase in efficiency.

  • Reduce planning time.

  • Improve customer service.

  • Model and evaluate different transport scenarios and strategies.

  • Forward planned routes to telematics and TMS system.

  • Generate reports and analyzes and visualize routes and results.

  • Integrate ERP data from SAP, ORACLE, Microsoft, Odoo.

Route Optimizer and Planning System, Control & Monitoring room  


  • Reduce transport and freight cost. Efficiency is key. PTV Route Optimizer enables you to make the most of existing resources, reducing planning time, mileage and fuel, with a cost saving of up to 17%.

  • Keep track of your orders. PTV Route Optimizer provides you with comprehensive KPIs and reports to evaluate and control your logistics processes. Maintain control of your resources, achieve transparency and identify potentials and opportunities for improvement. 

  • Increase customer service. Improve the satisfaction of your customers through fast and timely crew's recollection and automatically inform them about the estimated time of arrival for each crew's member.

Estimated Time of Arrival to the recollection point for the aircrew members

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With PTV Route Optimizer you always know where your vehicles are and when they will reach their destination. Make use of the automatic notification function to inform your customers about the estimated time of arrival  (ETA)  to the recollection point. Whenever and however you want. Make use of the automatic notification to follow the exact arrival of your vehicles to the recollection point, and executes dynamic re-planning of routes based on real-time airlines schedule.