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The PTV xMap Server displays information such as customer addresses, locations, routes, vehicle positions or sales territories. Use case “Rendering”: Renders customizable maps displaying geographically related data such as points of interest, routing polygons and areas. Enables flexible zooming, panning and centering of areas.We also offer a license model to use satellite imagery from here in combination with PTV maps.

PTV xMAP SERVER (Map Rendering)

    • Display of digital maps

    • Fast zooming and panning with the map

    • Display customer addresses, surfaces, lines, routes etc. on the map

    • Display vehicle positions and mobile objects in real-time

    • Display ferries and loading stations (piggyback), traffic flows, low- emission zones, isochrones, postcode areas and more

    • Integrate your own data (for example customer addresses or depot locations)

    • Map look and feel is fully customisable: free choice of colours, line widths, font sizes, icons, etc.

    • Different map designs are fully customisable and available by default.

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