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The PTV xDima Server calculates the road distances and travelling times between many locations (so-called distance matrices or distance tables) and makes them available for use in other applications.


  • Calculate and manage distance matrices / distance tables
  • Including road distance or travel time
  • Customisable vehicle profiles
  • High performance
  • Simple integration using standardised interfaces (XML/SOAP/JSON)

PTV xDIMA SERVER (Distance Matrices)

  • The PTV xDima Server receives geo- coordinates from locations and calculates a distance matrix, which contains road distances and travelling times between all locations. Vehicle profiles and other routing parameters can be set in the calculation:

    • Vehicle type (car or truck)

    • Route/time preferences - you decide whether the fastest or the shortest route should be calculated and to what extent

    • Preference for or avoidance of eight road classes is possible (e.g. toll roads, motorways, residential areas)

    • Speed for eight road classes

    • Truck attributes can be included in the calculation.

    • Inclusion of low emission zones

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