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Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Omnicomm fuel-level sensors and iSYS Professional software bring fuel costs down by 20% and help optimise key business processes for Romanian non-hazardous waste collection company SalubrIS S.A.

76 vehicles of Romanian non-hazardous waste collection company SalubrIS S. A. are equipped with OMNICOMM fuel-level sensors. The collaboration started in 2010 and brought 20% of savings on fuel and better technical maintenance.

Salubris S.A. is a company based in Iasi, Romania that engages in non-hazardous waste collection. With a fleet of more than 70 specialized vehicles, it is one of the largest businesses involved in this particular field in the country. Seeking to cut fuel expenses, which the management considered very high and therefore a good potential source of cost savings, Salubris S.A. turned to Omnicomm for solutions



Founded in 1994, Salubris S.A. is a non-listed public limited company with a fleet of 76 specialized vehicles involved in its core operations: collection of non-hazardous waste for further treatment and disposal. The company grew significantly in the early 2010s, and this called for optimization of both operational activities and costs. While looking at ways to restructure its fuel transactions, the management team discovered that actual fuel consumption regularly exceeded the proposed values mentioned in technical specification documents.

This led to installing Omnicomm’s fuel level sensors in the vehicles’ fuel tanks along with appropriate GPS tracking devices. The solution appealed in its simplicity and the potential cost savings it claimed to bring. An important factor was also the brand’s global reputation and known reliability.


As of 2017, Salubris S.A. has been working with Omnicomm and running its hardware for more than five years bundled with a handy iTrack application from iSYS Professional. Salubris S.A. now operates its fleet more efficiently: from fuel costs down by a fifth on the original level and eliminated driver fraud to preventing technical breakdowns in advance by monitoring fuel data and reductions in man errors, the company has been running its operations on a clearer and more predictable basis over the past years. They took control of all things fuel – and never looked back!


The past five years that the fleet has employed fuel level sensors have generated an impressive 20% cut in fuel costs; in fact, fail-proof functioning of Omnicomm’s equipment together with software by iSYS Professional, a Romanian IT services provider, has laid the foundation for other major changes for Salubris S.A.

The overall achievement involves optimizing key business processes altogether, from eliminating driver fraud to better technical servicing of the vehicles.

Mr. Bogdan Dirvariu, Data Analyst for Salubris S.A., states, ‘We at Salubris S.A. are very pleased with the chosen solution, as it has brought great results – sustainable results! – in terms of reducing fuel expenses.’

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