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Cold Chain Management in Health Care

Updated: May 8, 2022

In the Health Care sector, in some aspects, the cold chain is a crucial factor in guaranteeing the correct application of medicaments and vaccines or in assuring some surgical procedures.

The Health Care Centers, ONGs, and Logistics Providers can use Kylos IoT Connect to:

  • Monitor the cold chain or the temperature ranges established by the Pharmaceutic Lab.

  • Receive automatic alerts in case of deviation temperature range.

  • Configure to receive notifications from mobile, web application, or control center.

  • Program any event based on the logistics operation or distribution chain.

  • Track the cargo temperature by air or land.

  • Configure geofencing alerts notifying you the in and out of control points of your logistics or distribution chain.

Real-Time Cold Chain Monitoring for Pharmaceutical Products
Real-Time Temperature Tracking for Critical Products

Download PDF • 469KB

Kylos IoT Connect records all movement of your cargo, considering both Transportation and Refrigeration Media. In addition, you can identify the asset type, so in case of an alert, you quickly identify the place and refrigeration asset simultaneously.

Transportation Media

Kylos IoT Connect empowers you to receive an automatic alert in case of deviation of temperature range, identifying the location and transportation media by air, maritime or terrestrial. Kylos IoT Connect is a plug-and-play device. No additional hardware is required and enables you to track the exact location and create geofencing as key checkpoints of your cargo according to the conditions of your operation.

GPS Location and Remote Temperature Tracking in Real-Time
Real-Time Monitoring of Logistics Events and Distribution Chain

Download PDF • 422KB

Refrigeration Media

Kylos IoT Connect empowers you to receive an automatic alert in case of a deviation in the temperature range of your cargo. In addition, Kylos IoT Connect identifies the exact location of the vaccines or medical supply and refrigeration media like cold rooms, refrigerators, freezers, cold boxes, and small, medium & large vaccine carriers.

Portable Trackable Unit with Long-Life Battery until 3 years in use (Rechargable option)
GPS location, Geofences, Temperature Monitoring, Real-Time Notification.

Global Connectivity

Kylos IoT Connect works globally through cellular connectivity 3G or 4G LTE and can route the device data transmission to your application servers or you can use our web platform for monitoring and tracking. Additionally, you can share with the beneficiary the tracking progress and cold chain custody giving a full online service for monitoring the state of cargo and arrival.

Portable Unit for Real-Time Tracking of Temperature, Humidity and Location
GPS Location, Temperature Tracking, Cellular Communication, LoRa WiFi


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