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Our Driver State Monitor decreasing the incidents in the Mining Industry.

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

The TS-DS03 is a driver state intelligent early warning terminal, which based on image recognition technology and inbuilt image intelligent processing core algorithm independently developed by our company. On one hand, with special camera, the TS-DS03 can warn the driver once he/she have bad driver behaviors like fatigue, distraction, calling, yawning, texting, smoking and so on. It can also identify the driver ID. On the other hand, it can send data to monitor platform through GPRS/3G/4G device with serial port. It is suitable to safety management for private car, commercial vehicle, trucks, bus, dangerous cargo transport vehicle and so on.

The Fatigue and Mining Truck Driver Distractions are the most common factor of incidents mining industry

Fatigue, smoking and distraction while big mining trucks are operated increase the risk of incidents. In spite of signals and warning alerts in the mining field, employee always find the way to cross the line due to they feel confident with their experience and know very well the details of their operation, so they always find a space for smoking, reading, texting, or chatting, or any other kind of distraction. We have found that this behavior is notary when the mining employees follow a routine in their field operations.

Fatigue is a state of exhaustion caused by physical or mental exertion. It has long been acknowledged that impaired sleep caused by shift work is associated with a diminished ability to complete simple daily tasks, poor concentration and a heightened tendency to behave recklessly.

More recently, fatigue has gained traction in high profile matters, government campaigns and has been the subject of significant research findings.

A study by the Australian National University[1] has shown that employees who work more than 39 hours per week are at higher risk of injury or illness if appropriate control measures have not be established in the workplace. This threshold reduces for people who also carry out care and domestic duties.

The study found that working longer than 39 hours generally led to a decline in mental and physical health, and increased exposure to fatigue and its associated risks. However, as all people become fatigued at different rates, it is important for employers to introduce strong policies to ensure they comply with their WHS duties and, more importantly, protect their workers.


  • [1] Huong Dinh, Lyndall Strazdins and Jennifer Welsh, “Hour-glass ceilings: Work-hour thresholds, gendered health inequities” (2017) 176 Social Science & Medicine 42-51.

  • Australian Mining. ¨Managing fatigue in Mining¨

Real-Time Fatigue Warning System

Prevent your drivers about fatigue and online monitoring the driver behaviour receiving fatigue and distractions alerts in real-time and get safety industry operation.


A complete solutions portfolio for driver safety, cargo security, fleet management, transport planning, and APIs for developers and integrators of ERPs and Transport Systems:

Driver Safety

  • Driver State Monitor

  • Vehicle Collision System

  • Advanced Driver Assistance

Cargo Security

  • Security padlock for remote openness and monitoring

  • Security device for remote monitoring of dry and refrigerated containers

Fleet Management System

  • Fuel consumption remote monitoring for mining trucks and machineries

Transport Planning System

  • Route Planning

  • Route Optimizer

  • Cargo Optimizer

APIs for developers and integrators of ERP and Transport Systems

  • Geocoding API

  • Digital Map API

  • Route Planning API

  • Toll Calculation API

  • Emission Calculation API

  • Traffic Information API

  • Fleet Planning Optimization

  • Fleet Tracking API

  • Geofacing API

  • Fleet Service Management API

  • Load Space Optimization API

  • Business Connector for SAP and S4H


Explore details about our driver status monitor system in our web site

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