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Updated: Mar 8, 2021

The TS-DS03 is a driver state intelligent early warning terminal, which based on image recognition technology and inbuilt image intelligent processing core algorithm independently developed by our company. On one hand, with special camera, the TS-DS03 can warn the driver once he/she have bad driver behaviors like fatigue, distraction, calling, yawning, texting, smoking and so on. It can also identify the driver ID. On the other hand, it can send data to monitor platform through GPRS/3G/4G device with serial port. It is suitable to safety management for private car, commercial vehicle, trucks, bus, dangerous cargo transport vehicle and so on.

Driver Distractions

The common driver distractions corresponds to phone calls, texting, and checking social media from mobile devices. The following research done by The Sunday Times and the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) measured driver reaction times and hazard-perception ability against a number of in-car distractions, including making and receiving phone calls, sending a text message on a phone, surfing social media and reading a text message on a smartwatch. The reaction times were measured against those of a driver engaged in a casual conversation with a passenger, to replicate a common driving situation.

In one test, realized by Will Dron of the Sunday Times Driving, using the TRL’s driving simulator, he took an average of almost three times longer (2.52 seconds) to react to a hazard while reading a message on a watch than while talking to a passenger (0.90 seconds). The only activity more distracting was using a phone to surf social media sites, which resulted in an average delay of 2.60 seconds. In the simulation, any delay above two seconds was considered dangerous. Holding a conversation on a hands-free set-up resulted in me taking an average of 1.35 seconds to react to a potential hazard, while using a handheld mobile led to a 1.85-second delay.

In another test, use of a smartwatch resulted in him veering out of his lane four times and being forced to take evasive action twice to avoid a collision, compared with no veering when talking to a passenger and no evasive action when using a handheld mobile. Read complete article

Real-Time alerts driver distractions based on image recognition and precise algorithms

Prevent your drivers about distractions and online monitoring the driver behaviour receiving distractions alerts in real-time and get personal safety for your drivers, for your brand, and the others safety..


A complete solutions portfolio for driver safety, cargo security, fleet management, transport planning, and APIs for developers and integrators of ERPs and Transport Systems:

Driver Safety

  • Driver State Monitor

  • Vehicle Collision System

  • Advanced Driver Assistance

Cargo Security

  • Security padlock for remote openness and monitoring

  • Security device for remote monitoring of dry and refrigerated containers

Fleet Management System

  • Fuel consumption remote monitoring for vehicles and machineries

Transport Planning System

  • Route Planning

  • Route Optimizer

  • Cargo Optimizer

APIs for developers and integrators of ERP and Transport Systems

  • Geocoding API

  • Digital Map API

  • Route Planning API

  • Toll Calculation API

  • Emission Calculation API

  • Traffic Information API

  • Fleet Planning Optimization

  • Fleet Tracking API

  • Geofacing API

  • Fleet Service Management API

  • Load Space Optimization API

  • Business Connector for SAP and S4H


Robin Li: Baidu fatigue driving monitoring system helps drivers return home safely. 2018-04-12

At the 2017 Baidu World Conference, Robin Li demonstrated the Baidu fatigue driving monitoring system, which is based on the image recognition technology of the Baidu brain, judged by infrared face recognition, when the truck driver is interfered by the mobile phone to look at the information, the sleepiness begins to yawn or the person is tired to the eyes. The driver will be reminded to concentrate on driving in time. Once the driver fatigue is detected to a certain extent, the system will start playing some cheerful music to help drivers to refresh themselves. When the driver has been severely fatigued, the driver will also navigate to the nearest rest area.


Explore details about our driver status monitor system in our web site

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