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Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Omnicomm with its Croatian partner Mobilisis introduced intelligent fleet management and fuel monitoring system for PZC Varazdin d.d., Croatian road construction & maintenance company bringing 20% average fuel savings across operations.

41 vehicles of Croatian road construction and maintenance company PZC Varazdin d.d. were equipped with OMNICOMM fuel-level sensors and are tracked with Mobilisis intelligent fleet monitoring platform in real-time. First cost savings became obvious in 3 months after deployment.

PZC Varaždin d.d. is a Croatian construction company established in 1997. Its primary activities are related to highway, street and bridge construction, and the scope of secondary operations covers heavy and civil engineering construction and cement and concrete product manufacturing. The company operates in several counties in Croatia all year round. In particular, it maintains 520 km of state roads, 939 km of county roads, 993 km of local roads and 132 km of unclassified roads in winter. Seeking to cut fuel expenses PZC Varazdin d.d. turned to Omnicomm & its local partner Mobilisis for solution.



Winter services include necessary works for the road maintenance and traffic safety in seasonal conditions, as defined by special regulations. These works include banking and ploughing snow, de-icing and local road carpet repairs. The length of the winter season is determined as per meteorological and historical data from the past years and also depends on each specific county; it generally covers the period of mid-November to the end of March. It is important for the servicing company to determine optimal gravel and salt proportions for the roads and streets to battle slippery conditions, since this is directly related to the traffic accident rate.

Seeking to achieve 24/7 vehicle and machinery tracking, reduce maintenance costs and fuel consumption and increase its fleet productivity, as well the efficiency of material use, PZC Varaždin d.d. management decided to install the Omnicomm LLS sensors to monitor and record its fleet’s fuel levels and consumption rates.


PZC Varaždin d.d. went on to integrate the Omnicomm technology with the GPS navigation system that helped track machines busy processing snow. The system provides real-time overview of the road sections that have been processed by offering tracking data on per-square-metre use of the de-icing chemical agents, both to the left and to the right of the truck. This can be used as evidence for winter road maintenance.

The company went on to introduce the Mobilisis intelligent system for control, optimisation, monitoring and administration of fleet vehicles, too. Mobilisis is the first company in Croatia to provide innovative solutions for fleet management via Internet and Google Maps, with all necessary fleet data also available on mobile phones. Its unique platform combines various technologies, such as positioning and telemetry, navigation and digital maps, and its user-friendly interface and efficient problem solutions help reap even greater benefits from the range of applications associated with Omnicomm LLS fuel level sensors.


  • Using Omnicomm’s fuel level sensors, PZC Varaždin d.d. has generated yearly fuel cost reductions of 20% on average and managed to produce noticeable improvements in monitoring its snow ploughing processes.

  • Average truck speed was reduced to reflect the appropriate legislation, and so was vehicle downtime away from construction sites.

  • The company resolved its problems associated with the 24/7 vehicle tracking, reduced maintenance costs and fuel consumption rates, as well as improved productivity and driver commitment to work.As of now, Omnicomm sensor performance is monitored via detailed reports that provide the company with a full overview of fuel consumption by its vehicles. 

The company leverages its newly co-integrated fleet management system to achieve optimized use of spreading materials like gravel and salt to ensure it is rationally distributed. It hasn’t taken long to detect a fall in the traffic accident rate, too, since the streets are now worked in a more rational manner. This fleet management system has also helped PZC Varaždin d.d reduce their liability insurance premiums, since their insurance practices have improved, too.

Installing the Mobilisis system for monitoring and integration with Omnicomm LLS fuel level sensors helped give the fleet a complete ‘make-over’, optimizing its structure by custom-tailoring the system fully to fulfil the needs of PZC Varaždin d.d. In fact, more and more Croatian companies involved heavily in public road maintenance and protection are known to begin looking into or actually using the integrated duo of Omnicomm and Mobilisis because of the many advantages it provides.


“After more than three years of using Mobilisis services and Omnicomm LLS™ fuel level sensors, we are certainly very satisfied with the system’s opportunities for tracking, monitoring and cost reductions. The installation of Omnicomm LLS fuel-level sensors helped us reduce fuel consumption for the large majority of vehicles and machines; improve vehicle use; and reduce truck speed to legitimate limits. We’ve achieved many savings and have managed to translate them into road maintenance quality improvements,” Saša Varga, the PZC Varaždin d.d. CEO.

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