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Tetis R Hybrid is the ideal solution to ensure safe delivery and maintain the condition of your cargo, from the moment the container is sealed and until it’s opened when reaching its destination.Thanks to a combined cellular and iridium satellite connectivity – your cargo is monitored anywhere around the globe in real-time.

Tetis R Hybrid provides you with real-time alert in any irregular event, ensuring your cargo’s safety and quality.

TETIS R HYBRID Satellite Communication (Tehcnical Features)

    • Monitors location, impact, container loss and theft
    • Easy installation on container’s door hinge
    • Cellular engine (3G), GPS/GLONASS, and built – in iridium satellite antenna pinpoint exact location and monitor any deviation from route
    • Temperature and light detectors detect deviation from temperature and humidity ranges – in real time
    • Provide an immediate alert with any irregular event: accident, damage, attempted break-in and unauthorized container door opening
    • Cellular + GPS (built-in antennas), 4500 mAh battery

    • Iridium unit: Satellite communication (built-in antenna), 2600 mAh battery

    • Built-in Sensors: Light, temperature, humidity Accelerometer

    • Buttons: door, operation

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