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Tetis R is the ideal solution to ensure safe delivery and maintain the condition of your cargo, from the moment the container is sealed and until it’s opened when reaching its destination.


Tetis R provides you with detailed information in real time when cellular connectivity is available and provides detailed after the fact reports, including full log of the container’s journey.

TETIS R - Dry and Refrigerated Cargo (Technical Features)

    • Monitors location, impact, container loss and theft
    • Easy installation on container’s door hinge
    • Cellular engine (3G) and GPS/GLONASS pinpoint exact location
    • Accelerometer and light detectors provide an immediate alert with any irregular event: accident, damage, attempted break-in and unauthorized container door opening
    • Temperature and humidity sensors detect any deviation from temperature and humidity ranges – in real time to assure cargo’s quality
    • Cellular + GPS (built-in antennas)
    • Light, temperature, humidity Accelerometer
    • Door, operation
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