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Tetis is the ideal solution to ensure safe delivery of your cargo, from the moment the container is sealed and until it’s opened when reaching its destination. Tetis provides you with detailed information in real time when cellular connectivity is available and provides detailed after the fact reports, including full log of the container’s journey. Tetis provides an immediate alert with any irregular event: accident, damage, attempted break-in and

unauthorized container door opening.

TETIS for Dry Containers (Technical Features)

    • Featuring easy installation on container’s door hinge
    • Cellular engine (3G) and GPS/GLONASS monitor the container’s location and any deviation from route
    • Accelerometer, temperature and light detectors provide an alert with any event of cargo’s loss, theft or damage
    • Monitors the container’s location and any deviation from route
    • Provides both real time alerts and after the fact reports to assist indetermining proper handling of the container
    • Provides an alert and after the fact reports in any event of cargo’s loss or theft
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