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PTV xLocate Server converts mailing addresses into geo- coordinates - from single addresses to entire address data- bases. It can even work in the other direction and find mailing addresses for geocoordinates (such as GPS position data).

PTV xLOCATE SERVER (Address Geocoding)

    •  Geocoding: georeferencing address data (e.g. customer addresses, depots, warehouses, POIs) for use in information and planning systems
    • Reverse geocoding: identification of an address for a geocoordinate
    • Long postcodes are processable in the following countries: Canada, Great Britain, the Netherlands and USA
    • Enables targeted search for ferries and loading stations (piggyback)
    • Interactive address search shows practical suggestions even while the address is being entered
    • Batch mode for rapidly geocoding large address databases
    • POI radius search / search for next (based on direct distance)
    • Error tolerance for address entries
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