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PTV xLoad Server partitions the loading space of a truck as efficiently as possible while taking account of the various temperature zones, the unloading sequence and flexible walls. After defining the characteristics of the truck's loading space and the transport units, PTV xLoad Server delivers a loading space layout, which shows the wall distribution and the location of the individual transport units.

  • Delivers a layout for the optimal utilisation of loading space
  • Considers unloading sequence for a quick and easy access
  • Multiple zones can be defined including dry and cooling zones
  • Flexible and fix dividing walls are included in the optimised layout


PTV xLOAD SERVER (Load Space Optimization)

  • Using PTV xLoad Server to optimise the loading space allows you to plan the positioning of transport units in the area perfectly. It provides the following advantages:

    • Loading space properties, such as the number of holding spaces, walls and cooling units and their location, may be specified when entering your request.
    • Planning leads to the creation of a loading space layout showing how the partitioning walls and the transport units are distributed.
    • Planning also takes account of the sequence in which the transport units are unloaded with the aim of minimising unit unloading times and avoiding repositioning the units in the loading space during unloading.
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