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This product is specially designed for the vehicle video monitoring development of a cost-effective, functional scalability of the device.Built-in our company independent research and development of the core algorithms, intelligent image processing using special cameras real-time acquisition driver's fatigue state, the call, yawning, smoking, glance left and right of train, substitution remind features such as image, using high-speed processor and embedded operating system at the same time, combined with IT in the field of advanced h. 264 video compression and decompression technology, network technology, the BD/GPS positioning technology.CIF, HD1, D1, 960H, analog HD 720P, digital hd 720P format video;Simultaneously integrate 4G/wifi wireless data upload; Cooperate with the center software to realize the central monitoring of alarm linkage; Remote management and playback analysis.Modular design, high reliability, flexible installation, easy maintenance and other features.


    • JT/T 1078-2016
    • JT/T 808-2011
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