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Keyless Smart Padlock - Technical Features

LOKIES  is our innovative IoT-based padlock that can be opened remotely. It does not require a key and can be easily mobilized without the need to care for and distribute keys. Its advanced Bluetooth connectivity allows you access control makes Lokies a unique intelligent management tool, which keeps a complete record of when it was opened, for how long and by whom.

Keyless Smart Padlock - Technical Features

    • System: GPS, GLONASS
    • Antennas and Receiver: Intern
    • Protocol: NMEA (Binari Format) Hot Start: 2 sec
    • Restart: 10 sec
    • Cold Start: 50 sec
    • Positioning Accuracy: 10m CEP (50%) Speed: 0.2m / s (50%)
    • Location Update Period: 1 second (Default)
    • Navigation method:Solution all (satellites) in range Antenna: Integrated
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