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GPS Padlock for protection of your goods

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

VTS is proud to present LOKIES – a new, versatile version of our award-winning reporting padlock, WatchLock.

Now the LOKIES smart padlock can be used with maximum efficiency for remote door openness through mobile phones, multi-user ID, authorized ID, and managing applications for Monitoring Center, Online Web Platform, and Mobile Apps. LOKIES is designed for events programming, which sends alerts in real-time for different applications of use:

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LOKIES - GPS padlock and satellite location

Now the smart padlock LOKIES can be used with maximum efficiency for the remote openness, multi-users ID, and monitoring of programmable events in real-time with different applications:

  • Load in movement: Containers, Cisterns Trucks, Trucks, Vans

  • Goods & Assets: Warehouses, Wineries, Distribution Centers, Shops, Commercial Premises

  • Assets in Field: Electric Substations, Electric Meters, Deposits, Warehouses

  • Mining: Access Control for Explosives

  • Oil & Gas: Discharge Distribution Control of Combustible on Gas Stations

  • Pharmaceutical & Consumer Products: Only the customer can authorize cargo's openness through their mobile phone device.

The LOKIES padlock provides advanced GPS and cellular technology in designing a padlock that requires no wiring or installation and can be easily transferred between different containers and locations. Thanks to using various padlocks, this electronic monitoring and tracking device also provide personalized physical security.

IoT technology incorporated in LOKIES

LOKIES is developed on IoT technology, with integrated electronic components, software, sensors, and/or reagents, has evolved over the years and has penetrated more and more industries and common uses. IoT provides the best real-time data collection capabilities to manage security and logistics in field operations.

Applications of LOKIES

LOKIES has a wide range of applications and is ideal to have complete traceability in:

  • Distribution and Delivery Operations.

  • Customs Operations.

  • Commercial and Retail Stores.

  • Remote Locations.

  • Deposits and Wineries.

  • Assets in Field.

  • Security.

  • Monitoring of Control and Prevention of Losses.

  • Learn more about LOKIES

Monitoring Center

Effective management of events for the prevention of losses and monitoring of your assets will depend largely on the availability of the information you can obtain in real-time and the capacity to monitor and react to such events. In this regard, STARCOM provides the same platform for any of its devices, including Watchlock Cube, which allows integrated monitoring based on the programming of alerts easily and quickly, enabling its staff to react under reaction protocols be managed on the same platform.

Self-management of the Events Monitoring

With the purchase of your Watchlock Cube, you get access to the Online Web platform. You can download Apps (iOS and Android) for users in a limited way, applications for Control Center or Monitoring Center, and specialists' support and configuration to cover all your requirements for tracking your logistic operation.

Logistics Websire: VTS Solutions

Global Website: VTS Global

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Mar 21, 2023

I have never heard about that door lock earlier but now i can have all the information about it. I will talk to a locksmith about it and then think whether to install these padlocks or not because these guys knows well whether the locks you are going to install are suitable for you or not.

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