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GPS Padlock for protection of your goods

Updated: Mar 8

VTS is proud to present LOKIES – a new, versatile version of our award-winning reporting padlock, WatchLock.

Now the LOKIES smart padlock can be used with maximum efficiency for remote door openness through mobile phones, multi-user ID, authorized ID, and managing applications for Monitoring Center, Online Web Platform, and Mobile Apps. LOKIES is designed for events programming, which sends alerts in real-time for different applications of use:

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LOKIES - GPS padlock and satellite location

Now the smart padlock LOKIES can be used with maximum efficiency for the remote openness, multi-users ID, and monitoring of programmable events in real-time with different applications:

  • Load in movement: Containers, Cisterns Trucks, Trucks, Vans

  • Goods & Assets: Warehouses, Wineries, Distribution Centers, Shops, Commercial Premises

  • Assets in Field: Electric Substations, Electric Meters, Deposits, Warehouses