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The PTV xTour Server creates efficient trip plans for transportation logistics and sales forces. It considers customer time limits, depot opening hours, driving time, rest periods and vehicle capacities.

  • Trip planning and optimisation
  • On the basis of road distance or travel time
  • Efficient utilisation of vehicle fleet or sales force
  • Take time limits and vehicle capacities into account
  • Take driving times and rest periods into account
  • Sequence optimisation / Solution of the Travelling Salesman Problem
  • Integration with SAP application through SAP Netwaver iDocs
  • Integration with SAP S/4HANA through PTV Business Connector
  •  Simple integration using standardised interfaces (XML/SOAP/JSON)

PTV xTOUR SERVER (Trip Optimization)

    • With the PTV xTour Server, new trip plans can be created or existing trip plans can be optimised. PTV xTour Server efficiently assigns transport orders to vehicles in your fleet and adjusts the order sequence.
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