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TS-DS03 is a driver state intelligent early warning terminal, which based on image recognition technology and inbuilt image intelligent processing core algorithm independently developed by our company. On one hand, with a special camera, the TS-DS03 can warn the driver once he/she has bad driver behaviors like fatigue, distraction, calling, yawning, smoking and so on. It can also identify the driver ID. On the other hand, it can send data to monitor the platform through a GPRS/3G/4G device with a serial port. It is suitable for safety management for private cars, commercial vehicles, buses, dangerous cargo transport vehicle and so on.

Driver Status Monitor (Technical Features)

    • Fatigue Warning
    • Distraction Warning
    • Smoking Warning
    • Calling Warning
    • Driver ID recognition
    • Power on self test
    • Driver abnormal warning
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